Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Extreme Breastfeeding

Extreme Breastfeeding: (n) The act of contorting your body in such a way that you can breastfeed and comfort your hysterical infant while he is still in his carseat and your husband is driving up a canyon at 80 miles and hour. Warning #1: bruising in strange places may occur from bending, twisting and leaning over the carseat. Warning #2: Your nipple may never be the same.


  1. Oh man I've totally BTDT. Sounds like you had "fun".

  2. Ugh. I cannot even count the number of roadtrips I've done that on. Not only do you get bruises in wierd places, you get muscle cramps were you didn't know you had muscles. :)

  3. Many of us may not admit it, but we've been there. At least I have. We've done many road trips to CA and UT when, instead of stopping to nurse, my husband would keep driving and I'd crawl to the back of our van and nurse. Sometimes I'd tandem nurse our twins that way.

    Whatever works to survive, right? ;)


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