Thursday, May 14, 2009

Its all in your perspective

My beautiful, musically gifted daughter Abby left her violin at group lessons yesterday. I was pretty irritated because I had told her to get her things and go get in the van when her lesson was over. Instead the girlies went in the backyard to play which is where she left her violin. Good thing we live 45 miles away. So we had a discussion about responsibility and obedience, and went on our way.

Lucky for her, she had her regular lesson today, so the only thing we were out was a day of practicing. This morning, before she left for school, I told Abby to get all her music off the stand and in her bag. Well, we got to her lesson, and half her music was missing. I muttered under my breath about beating her.

"Oh you can't beat her now," her teacher said. "If you beat her now, what are you going to do when she sneaks out of her window in the middle of the night when she's fourteen to go on a date?

Good point.


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