Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I have never, ever been so glad to get home!

They decided to discharge us yesterday afternoon. His sodium levels were low, but stable, and the doctor in charge said that his kidneys were kicking in, and that his levels would normalize, but there was no reason for us to sit around the hospital until it did.

So after six days in the hospital, we packed up and left yesterday afternoon. It felt so good to be outside and to take my little guy home again! There is something to be said for a big long comfy couch, a fridge full of your own food, and sleeping in your own bed. I was worried that Max's sleep schedule was going to be completely upside down, but we had a great night's sleep last night, and he's been sleeping this afternoon for over four hours. I've had a couple of naps too, and its amazing to feel like a real person again.


  1. Congrats on being home! Hope the recovery continues smoothly.

  2. I'm so glad everything is going well Stace. Terri keeps asking about you, so I'll send her a link to your blog. Sarah does too. :) I'll let them know how you're doing!

  3. Hooray! I'm glad that you get to be in your own home again.

  4. I'm so glad you guys have gotten to go home! Good luck with the sleeping and everything!

  5. Your little guy is so cute, what a happy smiley face! I hope he's OK and you guys can settle back into being home again. Rest up and enjoy your own fridge for a change. ;)

    PS: My friend's daughter is battling appendicitis and she told me yesterday that all she prays for now is one thing: health. After seeing friends and family endure hospital visits, high bills, etc, I value health all the more.

  6. OK, another thought (I'm responding to your comment on my blog about opposition & 7 yr olds)...A friend of mine told me that the year her daughter turned 8 was huge. I'm thinking that my own daughter is gearing up for that, as she'll be 8 later this fall. There are no easy answers except more mama-soul searching, scripture study and prayer. And another friend suggested to create a family mission statement and clearly defined goals & consequences (per Stephen Covey). My husband and I are working on that as well.

    Good luck! ;) And Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!


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