Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Out of the PICU

Thank goodness! We made it!

We were told this morning that we were most likely going to be transferred out of the PICU today. Tom and I took a few moments to grab some lunch, and as we were heading back heard a page for us over the hospital PA. My heart dropped, thinking that there was some kind of emergency, but we got back to our space in the PICU to find our nurse had completely packed us up and we were ready to move.

Max's sodium levels are still in flux, and we're not sure when that's going to nomalize. The attending physician here wants to stop all the supplementation and see if his body will kick start on his own. I'm happy about that- I've been wondering if all the messing around and sodium supplementation is confusing his kidneys. We may be released tomorrow, or we may be here longer, but at this point, I'm so thrilled to be out of the PICU that I'm not complaining!

And he's so happy! It was like a switch flipped inside of him, and he's finally decided to rejoin he world. When I came in after shift change last night, he saw me and reached out for me, and hasn't wanted to be put down since. He's been laughing, smiling and playing with his toys, and every time someone wants to put him down, or even if I lean him back against me, he throws a fit! Last night, he was so cute and happy that I couldn't leave him, and we ended up playing until midnight!


  1. Well, YAY HOORAY!!! Max does look happy. :)

  2. He is already looking so much better from the other pictures!!!! Glad to see that he's smiling!


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