Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home can be...

There are some moments when being a mom is filled with hilarious contradictions. Like today, sitting in church. The opening hymn was "Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth." I was simultaneously singing and trying to keep Max from shoving the hymnbook into his mouth, when I heard a horrible screeching noise. I looked to my left to see Abby laying on top of Ashlynn, both of them sprawled across the bench, dresses up around their waists, looking like a piar of mud wrestlers in fancy dresses. (I sure hope they were wearing their clean panties, because they were showing them to the whole ward!) Abby's hair was fanned around her head in a static-y mess, and Ashlynn was looking like she was about to erupt.

"Knock it off you two!" I hissed, shooting what I hoped what was a sufficiently stern look. Then I went back to singing, determined to show what an exmaple of spirituality I was. The next words in the hymn were "Parents teach and lead the way, children honor and obey..." It took me until the end of the hymn to stop laughing.


  1. That's too funny! I got bit and hit in church today, courtesy of my 2-year-old.

  2. I gotta say most of those hymns about home just make me laugh. Who writes them anyway? Surely not the mothers.

  3. Well, I'm glad you could laugh about it! lol


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