Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two Weeks

I'm a day behind, (What else is new?) but I want to show before and after pictures for the next few months to document Max's progress post-surgery. We're two weeks and a day post surgery, and besides a yucky cough and stitches on his head, you would never know what an ordeal he's been through the past two weeks. Everyone told us that kids bounce back fast, but we have been completely amazed. Three days after the surgery, I was doubting our decision and wondering why we put our little boy through it. But now, two weeks out, things are back to a happy normal.

One week pre-surgery

Day of surgery.

Two days post-op. You can already tell some difference in head shape.

And ta-dah! Two weeks post op! We are noticing a much rounder noggin. (We're calling it his designer head!) And now, for your viewing pleasure, more random Max cuteness.

The famous "We'll show this on your first date" picture.

Toes! (Don't you wish you were flexible enough to put your toes in your mouth? OK, maybe not, but he's pretty thrilled!)

Happy Max.

This was tonight, at Tom's nephew's wedding. I posted this to show how well his incision is healing. Once he grows a little bit more hair and the stitches dissolve, you'll never be able to tell anything happened.


  1. He's so adorable, glad to see he's doing well!

  2. Wow - he looks a lot like Tom in those pics! Thank goodness everything is going well! *loves*

  3. Yay!!! Max is such a trooper! He is healing so well, and he looks more like your girls now. I'm so glad your getting to the other side of it and that his scar is going to be so unnoticeable!

  4. I couldn't be more amazed at how good the incision looks already! He looks so cute. Glad things are finally getting better.


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